An institution is not a faceless, aimless or inanimate being. While it is broadly agreed that an institution may not have human attributes, it is essential to look at it as a natural and organic being. History has shown, many times over, that great and enduring institutions are ones that have a unique mindset, definitive character and meaningful expression with deep connect to the larger community they engage with. This unique ability to define meaning and connect seamlessly with broader stakeholder community is what creates an alluring and enduring institution.

Institution Design Group through extensive research and analysis has drawn deep insights on designing Exponential Value Creation institutions. Institution Design Group has an established value creation framework that seeks to identify, design and unlock an institution’s True Potential.

This is accomplished through its Purpose Led Business Architecture that co-creates, together with the leadership team, an institution design for a Timeless – Peerless – Limitless enterprise.


Institution Design Group engages in deep collaboration with clients in helping them realize their True Potential and by extension their core Institutional Brand Potential. At Institution Design Group we believe the path for creating a high value brand goes through the principles of institution design.


Establishing a great brand is an outcome of the conscious decision of leadership team in designing a great enterprise. A Perpetual Brand is realized through rigorous pursuit of excellence and great leadership.

True Potential of an enterprise gets realized only when it establishes enduring institutional value. Value Creation is at the heart of an enterprise economic agenda which is fulfilled through great institution design and a resilient business model.


There are unique benefits that institutions benefit from deploying the PLBA design –

Leadership world over is staring at troubling business issues at a deeper level. As business leader and pace setter, you need to introspect and ask yourself –

  • Establishing an enduring institution is the pressing need for all forward looking enterprises. Institution Design Group makes this a definite reality
  • Institution Design Group combines multiple components of Leadership, Business & Governance models to design a composite and enduring institution – All at one place
  • Institution Design Group helps establish long term value creation path – we design, roll-out and handhold clients through a clearly identified pathway
  • Every institution has a unique story and construct. Institution Design Group captures this to build bespoke value creation design and blueprint
  • Institution Design Group helps institutions in building vanguard leadership structure through Identity Led Leadership design
  • It is imperative for institutions to establish a wider, deeper and consultative decision making process through its Multipoint Decision Model matrix

It is imperative leadership and institutions alike understand the deep value associated with commissioning Institution Design Group’s Purpose Led Business Architecture framework.

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