Institution Design Group has embarked on a journey to assist institutions in designing enduring enterprise architecture. We believe and advocate that a purposeful institution design is essential for creating “better institutions for better tomorrow”.


All superior, persistent and perpetually winning institutions globally demonstrate a common pattern of behavior contributing to unique design construct. And the one singularly essential factor in this success has been presence of a strong Purpose. Therefore we advocate the following Purpose Principles –

  • Purpose Essentials
  • Culture Directives
  • Design Potential

At Institution Design Group, we believe that a strong internal Purpose will translate into a winning potential for our clients.


Business institutions world over are facing enormous challenges in the new economic order. Established norms are being consistently challenged, disruptive models are leaving debris of storied institutions in their wake and leadership is seized with the despair of failure in attracting as well retaining high value talent. The greatest casualty in this volatile and uncertain ecosystem has been the definite un-coupling of customer traction as well as market influence, which is threatening to rapidly erode institutional presence, value and consequently profits.

While these may appear to be isolated incidents beyond ones reasonable control, a deep dive would present a completely different narrative. While industry norms, policy implications and regulatory oversight do impact an institution’s operating metrics, these do not account for more than 30% of the inherent challenges. There is considerable lack of awareness of the real issues at leadership level coupled with the unwillingness to confront them with courage and equanimity.


It is in this context that Institution Design Group has chartered a path to help establish the purpose behind Institution Design principles. We believe that this path is necessary to guide enterprises in their quest for realizing their inner potential. A path that establishes co-creation and collaborative engagement with leadership teams to design enduring enterprises, resulting in exponential value creation.


So what really is our Purpose Proposition? How does our Purpose impact your institution design and leadership team thinking?


Leadership world over is staring at troubling business issues at a deeper level. As business leader and pace setter, you need to introspect and ask yourself –

  • Do we have Ecosystem Situational Awareness of rapid business disruption, superior innovation and growing customer expectations
  • Are we possessing definitive workable action plans to have identifiable, meaningful and deeper engagement with its Talent Pool
  • Have we identified pathways to attain superior market traction for capturing Enduring Customer Value
  • How cognizant are we about the deep impact of Personality Led Leadership style on long term business endurance
  • Do we need superior insights to improve and establish Qualified Decision Making for superior value creation
  • Do we have capability to design High Potential Enterprise that enables enduring value creation for sustainable performance

Clearly there are great challenges facing leadership and unless they take rapid and proactive steps in addressing these issues, the writing on the wall is quite clear.

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