Welcome to the world of Institution Design Group’s pioneering High Potential Enterprise design framework - Purpose Led Business Architecture (PLBA)



Represents the philosophy, code and value systems of the institution




Represents the collective cognitive construct and engagements of the institution




Represents the business potential and opportunities for the institution


Purpose Led Business Architecture (PLBA) is an advanced, pioneering and intense institution design principle that takes a holistic and composite view to design High Potential Enterprise™. As an institution design framework, PLBA establishes culture of excellence, endurance and value creation for long term growth and performance.

The Core Pillars of the PLBA blueprint constitute bespoke understanding and inter relationship between a firm’s Governance Model, Leadership Model and Business Model. It is our considered view that essence of institution design follows through a combination of factors that contribute to its unique DNA and construct.


At Institution Design Group we have mapped and detailed out the success models to design enduring enterprises that create exponential value for their stakeholders through meaningful transformation – a transformation engagement that is led through its Purpose and aligned to its Potential.

The heart of the PLBA design principles is best reflected through this well researched power equation –

Our assessment and research of the models underpinning several iconic institutions has clearly established that their endurance, excellence and greatness come from their intuitive understanding of this equation.


Institution Design Group understands and appreciates the complexities and asymmetrical risks prevalent in the business environment. We realize that it is vital for institutions to continuously adapt, reinvent and evolve to remain relevant and strong in these uncertain times.

Let us understand the institution dynamics from your perspective.

  • Are you continuously challenged with the constant shifts in marketplace that threaten your leadership position?
  • Do you feel helpless as market models undergo rapid disruption thereby eroding your advantages and by extension customer traction?
  • How often have you experienced challenges associated with customer engagements, employee alignment, partner involvement and shareholder dissatisfaction?
  • Are you faced with growing inconsistencies around performance, ideation, motivation and value creation?
  • Do you realize that 80% of so called challenges and inconsistencies are internal to an institution and that these can be effectively managed to create High Potential Enterprise?

If the above are issues that constantly bother you and your leadership team, it is time to make a definitive course correction – through the PLBA design principles.


It is our considered viewpoint that great brands are established by carefully identifying, constructing and cultivating the potential of a composite enterprise ecosystem. When it comes to enterprise endurance, Institution Design Group thinks, approaches and acts differently to create an enduring institution brand – how can the leadership seamlessly combine elements of Purpose, Culture and Value Systems to forge a Perpetual Stakeholder Recognition.


At the heart of Perpetual Stakeholder Recognition model is the principle of co-created institution solutions. It recognizes need for early and deep collaboration with multiple stakeholders for defining partnerships that enable superior value creation. As industry pioneers, we understand that an effective institution design is the pathway towards establishing a Great Brand.

This is the only sustainable path and direction to create an enduring institution as well as perpetual brand. The reverse is neither sustainable nor possible in the long term.

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