My Leadership Agenda for 2015 – Part 2

Are we consciously establishing institutional legacy through definitive Leadership Practices? In my previous post on this topic, I had posed specific issues that are plaguing Leadership across Boards / Corporations. Having understood the nature of issues confronting leaders, I now share the specific directives and steps leaders need to consciously take to bring sustainable, enduring change.

My Leadership Agenda for 2015 – Part 1

Are we consciously establishing institutional legacy through definitive Leadership Practices? As 2014 draws to a close, the varied and myriad sets of experiences flash through the mind. As in any other period, 2014 has a…

Purpose Driven Boards

The debris that has been left behind post the global 2008 crises is still fresh in our minds; not just the enormity and scale of destruction it left in its wake but also the unbridled greed that fueled this catastrophic…

Building Vanguard Leaders For The New Economy

Leadership and corporations need to do deep introspection and redirect their moral compass to business issues beyond immediacy of profits. The need of the hour is to transform leadership wherein people are encouraged to …

Boards Dilemma – Constitution & Composition

Boards – There have been several debates around what defines a Great Board from an ordinary one. While this may appear subjective to a wide audience, I believe it is this single most important factor that goes on to shape the destiny and endurance of any institution.

Purpose Led Business Architecture

Global businesses are entering a critical evolutionary phase where the next steps of Board & Leadership will have profound impact and epochal effect on how fundamentally business is conducted.

Designing Enduring Institutions – Part 2

Good corporations with strong, well defined business practices tend to deliver meaningful, enduring and purpose driven value to the entire stakeholder community. These institutions leave a lasting impression on the society and act as a lighthouse to inspire generations to look up to.

Designing Enduring Institutions – Part 1

What makes for a good Institution Design? Is there a definitive Success Template for business?
Often we have wondered how certain institutions are designed for greatness and deliver enduring value to stakeholders. Such great institutions across markets reflect certain unifying factors that define their purpose of existence, which goes beyond just making profits.